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Instant Onigiri

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Instant Onigiri

Instant Onigiri

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Instant Onigiri is a popular staple food in Japan made from white
rice formed into triangular shapes and is often wrapped in nori. Make your own this fall conveniently in 15 minutes with this new food invention! Take it with you on the go or pair
it with your favorite noodles for a delicious and filling meal at home. The fluffy rice and savory salmon pieces will make you feel like you picked it up at the konbini yourself!

Try it with: Kyurizuke (pickled cucumbers), miso soup, nori


1. Remove front sticker tab and cut along line 1.

2. Add hot water to the indicated line on the front window.

3. Seal pack securely, shake well, and leave to cook for 15 minutes.

4. Cut along line 2 and 3, peel wrapper back, and enjoy!

Originally featured in the October 2018 Umai Crate.


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